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Our company consults and assists potential employees willing to work abroad to find a suitable position and consequently to settle down in the chosen country of the respective employment opportunity.

We help employees to find an appropriate job in the following regions: EU countries such as Germany, Sweden, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark etc. From our partner office in Germany we support & navigate the nominated candidates throughout their application process and help them to settle in.


How it works:


  1. Send us your CV and related documents
  2. We will contact you once we have a suitable position for you
  3. An Interview will be arranged either per telephone/skype or face to face
  4. Upon your agreement to the relevant terms and conditions of the respective job offer, we will proceed with the contract execution
  5. We assist you withthe visa application
  6. If required Babel Solutions will help to prepare with language and integration courses
  7. Your journey logistics to your final destination will be completely managed by Babel Solutions
  8. Upon arrival we will be there to assist you allocate the right accommodation & integration into the selected country.

Note: If you do not have a ready CV, please download the application form  by clicking here and send it to e-mail


About Babel Solutions

We are a recruitment & consulting specialist with vast international experience in Europe and the Middle east.


Our multinational & multilingual team consists of experts in the field of Consulting, HR & Recruitment. All our staff have international experience in various countries. We speak German, English, Serbian, Bulgarian, Arabic & Swedish.

Our headquarter is based in Belgrade, Serbia. We also have offices and approved partners in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia & Croatia.

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